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Timber structures have been successfully used in the construction industry for years. Our offer includes, among others, prefabricated trusses, conventional prefabricated trussed rafters, structural timber or elements of timber frame houses. Our employees know everything about the wood and its processing, which means that our products are characterised by high quality confirmed by the CE marking, that allows them to be distributed in Poland and in the countries of the European Union.

timber framed walls

The prefabricated timber framed walls we produce are mainly used in single- and multi-family housing. By choosing prefabricated timber framed walls, you can optimise the construction of your house in terms of economy and the organisation of the construction process itself. Our offer includes not only external but also internal timber framed walls and roof structures, so that we can provide a comprehensive service for your investment.

prefabricated roof trusses

As the basic support elements of a roof structure, roof trusses transfer loads to walls and other supports. To ensure that they are able to meet these requirements properly, we produce them from top-quality structural timber, strength graded by mechanical and visual methods and dried to a moisture content of 18% (+/- 2%). For the production of truss elements, on the other hand, we use Mitek nailing plates, which are the most modern way of joining timber structures.

prefabricated trussed rafters

Prefabrication brings a number of advantages to investors: it is more precise, quicker to assemble and there is less waste, and therefore a lower construction cost. We manufacture prefabricated trussed rafters in accordance with EN 1995 (EUROKOD 5) with great precision using a modern Hundegger K2i joinery centre. Once the elements of the rafter structure are cut to length and the woodworking joints are made, they are marked with numbers, which makes on-site assembly much easier and faster.

structural timber c24

We offer C24 finger-jointed solid construction timber according to EN 15497:2014. We manufacture it from pine wood, which is dried to a moisture content of 15% (+/- 3%). The guaranteed standardised durability and strength, as well as dimensional stability, make finger-jointed timber widely used in the construction industry.